Reviews for "The Banshee"

heh heh heh another one of these

I just got through to the part "perhaps you will hear the banshee shriek" and ya know what I thought (it's gotta be one of these loud sounded screams) so I turned it off....not fooling me with these remakes


The only thing I regret about watching this is that I'm unable to give it a 6.

Very interesting.

Although this has been on NG for so long that I doubt you'll ever see this reveiw... I'm Irish, so this flash gets nice and close to home. I study the paranormal, soooo again, I can relate...Yeah...And when I saw the skeleton close to the "camera" (or which distance the scene is vewied from) I said "Er, Arg..Buffy? Where? Dancing? Yeah!"
Just goes to show you what kina social life I have...

Spooky Awesome

Wow That Is Probably The Best Halloween/Spooky Animation Ive Ever Seen On Newgrounds, It was actually Scary....The Movie Was Awesome Keep up the good work

very inspiring

you know what, right now in England I can see a red moon. Is that normal?