Reviews for "The Banshee"


Happy Halloween! very awesome!


dude honestly that was the best movie on NG yet. I realy hope you do make a similar movie. I will rate this movie a 10 a fucking 10 ok man just for you i hope my vote does good and keeps the movie playin. well your lucky to be getting reviewed by me cause i make the desision if the movie stays or if it goes well its deffinetly staying my friend Deffinetly staying


How can something so scary and mystical be a beautiful thing? I will never know, but that my friends was great. Original, thought-out and just plain brilliant. The graphicss were wonderful, the images weren't jolty or false, they kept moving in perfect smooth movement and althought it was black, you could tell the skeletons were 3-D. Great job! You should be proud!

damn some creepy stuff

damn that was some creepy ass movie


wtf i was sitting there lissnin and it wasnt all that scary but it still sent shivers up my spine!