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Reviews for "Rapid Fire 2"

cud b better

the bubble burst game is quite boring. maybe u cud make the bubble appear frm al over the place in stead of only the bottom? i like the hunter mode, it rawk big time. haha.

i like the game overall and it indeed provided a few moments of fun and entertainment.

ur 4'd!

Very cool sequel

Oh no! It's "Attack of the Awesome Sequels!"!
Yep. I loved it. The new game modes were an awesome edition and I especially liked the "hunting mode". Shooting those specific targets was definetly a challenge. You guys rock!

wow challenging!

i enjoyed that game partly because it was challenging and partly because it rocked! this is definitely better than your first rapid fire. great job!

Very nice game.

__The Good__
Great game. The graphics were good, the targets looked sharp. Nice sound effects and music also. I loved the different game modes and the menu looked awesome. The game play was pretty fun also.

__The Bad__
I've seen this game done quite a few times. Not very creative.

__Over All__
A fun shooting game with great graphics and lovely music. Good job on this game, keep it up!

i rocked alright

now this sure was a good challege, loved it a lot!