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Reviews for "Go Go Flash Rangers"


this flash is good but your graphic are so unclear it is only shape that vaguely represent power ranger theme you should add things tomake it clean and clear else it is good


when i first read it i thought oh god not another crappy stick flash but actually its pretty good, nice job

good stick work

lol...this was really funny...normally i really dont like stick movies, but this took the cake....stick power rangers...good concept...good work!!!


HAHA LOL! This had me in tears! I used to love the Power Rangers, and seeing this copy of the original opening themes, well, it was just great. I don't care if they are stick men, it was a hilarious Flash, of a hilarious show. Nice job :D!

Go go flower power

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ok power rangers are lame stick men are lamer
what a bag of wank i have nothing else to say