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Reviews for "Once Upon A December (Anastasia Remix)"

Just rented Anastasia

Guess why?

rtnario responds:

Oh, whatever could the reason be?! Thanks!


I think the audio portal is on crack, cause I've only heared awesome songs today, including this one!

rtnario responds:

Haha, I guess people are suddenly making awesome music then. :D Thanks!


What can I say? IT blew me away as always!!!

rtnario responds:

I'm glad it did since that's what I was aiming for. XD Thanks!


i am speechless,nothing bad about this at all! perfection at its finest!

rtnario responds:

Thanks and glad you think so! Re-watching Anastasia yet?


First off, grats on getting you stuff working (again xD)

On the song, it's pretty different from the rest of your metal.
A lot less speed, much more clear, calm, and IMO your most epic piece up to now. Brings back memories, even if you never heard the original.
Kinda weird... I tend to be more a fan of speedy,
powery, (and sometimes crowded) music.
You know.. like what you do normally.^^



p.s.: If you are taking requests, I'd die for a
"We have Lee but you don't have" metal remix.
(Ragnarok BGM NO. 89)

rtnario responds:

Hello and welcome to...the latter half of 2010, Syron! :D

Yeah, I guess my PC breaks more often than it should, but now I'm on Windows Seven and I have all my stuff back. Plus I've been given all this time to tweak and improve my sound, and I'm sure you've noticed! ^^

I really was concentrating on a more orchestrated sound, with the tempo down and metal making way for it. It was meant to be epic not in the usual way, what with dual-lead solos in harmony, but with strings, brass, piano complementing the guitar riffs. I say I succeeded, but still there's much room for improvement. Your speedy powery sometimes crowded music will come again eventually, since that's just who I am. XD

Thanks for always being around, but I'll tell you that I'm very bad at requests because I can't remix something I don't feel like remixing myself...I'll have to see. Still, thanks so much!