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Reviews for "Once Upon A December (Anastasia Remix)"


This piece seems very nice, although I believe you could add just a bit more in some places, and a bit less in others. The pause at 2:20ish seems a tad long as well, or maybe it would be that almost as soon as it ended you started another note too abruptly. The start is very nice with an eerie feel, as well as a simple feel. The acoustics are very nice, although I believe you could add a little bit better filler to the background throughout the song. Maybe since you're adding strings and some woodwinds you could have some extra strings and/or woodwinds in the background at places to increase the overall feeling of the piece. It is very nice, and I'm just pointing some tiny things that you might be able to do to give it an even better feel.


rtnario responds:

Well, I was trying out some new things here...the pause was in the original and was meant to give the effect it did, but I guess people would have different views on that XD I worked pretty hard on the acoustics of this one, and yeah, I feel that the background seems to need some filler indeed...gotta apply this to songs in the future! Thanks for the in-depth review once more, I'm glad you take the time to point things out as much as you can, really do appreciate it for so many songs now :)


I can say that I am relatively speechless. This was a good remix and that minute mark, holy crap that hit the nail on the head! Amazing work and another excellent remix!

rtnario responds:

Haha, thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you enjoyed this one as well. Hope my future songs won't disappoint =)

mind blowing!

i just have to say great job man i really enjoyed this and to me listening to this i get a mixture of christmas and halloween like the beginning is a christmas feel but then a the minute mark it turns to a halloween creepiness....chills man just chills up my spine great job

rtnario responds:

That's a nice way to interpret the song, and it's apt that I'm responding on Halloween too. XD Thanks for the review, Happy Halloween!

Ooh... Awesome.

Its slow to get where its going, but it leads you away from your little moods with the introduction of the metal, giving it a solid creepy and empowering tune. Its reminding me of how hollows eve should really be, filled with the creepy ambiance of tunes forgotten. Or, maybe Im just a freak of nature... Only thing bad about this one, is that it ended a little too quickly.

Still, great work. Definately a mood changer.

rtnario responds:

Yep. Always had this concept ever since I started composing, just brought it out and finally realized it. And I guess that's your personal opinion, but it is one that has imagery XD Thanks for the review!


woah, a total blend of classical with epic ambiance, guitar rocking and metal amazingness! i also love the contrast between real hardcore playing and then a soft ending, really ties up the song. definite 10/10!

rtnario responds:

Yep. I always wanted to do this one day, and I'm glad that day came. Just the right mix of classical and metal :D Thank you for the review!