Reviews for "The Uptown Brothel"

Good work!

Clap for this sexy game! You fixe oldbugs, but it still lacks n ending - i opened all rooms, but nothing extra-special happened afte that...

I liked this game alot.

I agree, I think you ought to finish this game. There's alot of....fun to be had with this one. There's alot of good elements, much better than most "jack-off" games. :P

Left unfinished...?!

Left unfinished...?!

This game's got mountains of potential. Interactivity, style, humor-- mountains of goodness on all fronts. Finish the game up. I think lots would agree with me.

Fnish it

i liked it, but i'm a freak like that. Good work, change the music to but sill finsh this.


worth finishing!!!