Reviews for "Ktr/wf1 Fuzion"


I agree with down below me, the intro is kickass, draws you to listen to keep listening. Great job on 2nd :)

KTRECORDS responds:

thx a lot man. Check out some of our other collabs like Breaking Restraints and Moments of Inspiration


this was

da shit

KTRECORDS responds:

hellz to the yeah

Ok, This Was A Surprise...

Because I listened to this, and wasn't impressed at all. Truthfully, not trying to be a dick but man this seemed rather lame to me. Then I noticed who wrote it, and I was even far more surprised. I want to write a review but I don't want to put off my buddy Wyldfyre, but all the same he leaves me critical reviews all the time so I feel like I owe him.

So where to start. I guess at the beginning. The song starts off with what is in my opinion a really obnoxious synth that goes nowhere. Like there is this nice orchestral backing that is attempting to set some sort of mood, and yet there is this synth that is just ruining it. Love the orchestral intro, but man that synth ruined it for me.

Then the bass kicked in, and sadly its a synth bass. I think you would have been far better with a contrabass there instead of that morphing synth bass. Because it's just too much. It covers up all the good orchestral elements and destroy the mood.

The percs in this are a really bad choice. I'm not sure why you went with an electro drum kit, and to be honest I think it would sound fine to use an electro kit in this song. But the one you chose is just to electro. I would have went with a more traditional and laid back kit. It really sounds like you were writing with a drum kit that was used in all the bad 80s and 90s pop ballads.

I enjoyed the break at the 1:40 mark. The piano is nice, but the velocities seem rather hard. I would raise the volume on the piano and lower the velocities. By doing this the piano will be the same level volume wise in the mix, but will have a much softer tone. And that would be a great benefit in that section of the song.

And man, that dig-a dig-a dig-a line with the toms that loops drives me nuts. Instead of looping that same drum cadence over and over I would write two to three different cadences. And then I would use that tom run as filler instead of a main cadence. Because it is the sort of thing that can become way too much rather quickly.

Moving onto the mix itself, well, it's really bad. I hear over compression in so many areas, such as at 1:25 and from about 2:15 to the end. It sounds like you slammed a limiter or compressor on the master channel and just had it kill all the dynamics in the song. So in the quiet parts of the song it is still roughly the same dynamic level. Yet in the loud parts, such as the ending theme, things are constantly sounding like they are whooshing in and out of the mix.

It's mainly with the synths. The reason being is the synths are all much fatter in tone than the rest of the instruments. So when you compress and limit things with a brickwall type setting it causes the synths to just overpower everything else in the mix.

To fix it you need to either raise the ceiling on your limiter, or lower the gain. Or most likely doing both would be best. Because the mix isn't clear. It sounds very cluttered and busy with a bunch of instruments fighting for my attention.

Lastly, the composition itself is very very rough. There is a main theme for sure, and it has a nice melody line. But truthfully that is about all this song has at the moment. Because the orchestral harmonies are covered up by those god forsaken synths you used. You can't hear hardly any of the harmonies in this song except when the synths cut out during the break about halfway in.

I hate to be such a downer here, I really do. But Wyldfyre always leaves me really helpful and critical reviews on my music, and seeing how all the morons below me basically said, "OMG TOP 5 GOOD!!!" I figured you would want an opinion that isn't based on the fact that this made top 5 this week.

3/5 and 5/10 Overall. Honestly, it would be a lot lower if I didn't respect Wyldfyre as much as I do. I know there are good elements in this song, mainly because they are there during the break. But the synths are far too overpowering and ruin the mix and tone of the song. If you need synths in it that is fine. But they really need to be lowered about 10 notches to fit into the song well.


KTRECORDS responds:

WF1: Glad you listened to it and glad you were honest!

KTRECORDS: Can't please everyone I guess


Excellent melodies and harmonies there, like F-777 says.

Imo the mix could be a bit cleaner, and the kicks could use a bit more punch.

CHeers ;)


KTRECORDS responds:

Glad you like it man! You can definitaly hear Don's touch in this song with his unique and enjoyable melodies/harmonies that he is known for. If we get some time, maybe we'll try to crank out another tune like this one. Thanks for the input!


This song kicks so much ass its not even funny.

This goes up on the classic showcase up with MOI you guys just make the
coolest stuff ever. I love the electronic flavor to this you guys really managed
to create an amazing balance between the orchestral and electronic elements.
This song starts out with an amazing intro and then it just launches into that
amazing chorus and then strings take over and its just freaking AWESOME.


You guys create a whole new meaning to originality.
Amazing work.

KTRECORDS responds:

Thanks bro! Always nice to hear your input. Hopefully soon we'll be able to throwout a collab too!