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Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"

Wow. Nice.

I like the rooster. And how did you make the stocking sparkle like that?

PapaQ responds:

Cheers for the great score. The stocking is a simple overlaid movieclip made up of 3 frames of dots and sparkles that move around on top of the stoking.


not like most stuff you see here on newgrounds lol. nice video to get into christmas, but i think u submitted it a tad bit early, just cuz christmas is in about a month. good job!

Well done.

Excellent job, really put me in the christmas mood. Keep it up.

Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas!

I love it!

Keep up your great work, to both YOU and the one who's singing!

4/5. ;)

I add this one to my favorite submissions.


This reminds me of Happy Tree Friends. Why? I'm not sure, maybe because they both have the word happy in them. Regardless, they're both great animations. Funny, stylish and with a unique concept as well. Love it, keep it going!