Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"

Wow. Nice.

I like the rooster. And how did you make the stocking sparkle like that?

PapaQ responds:

Cheers for the great score. The stocking is a simple overlaid movieclip made up of 3 frames of dots and sparkles that move around on top of the stoking.


That made me smile, it was too cute.

A Superb Flash

The graphics were excellent, as was the style; I really liked the music; the sound quality was great; not too long, and not too short; ahd 'PLAY' and 'REPLAY' buttons; I liked the pre-loader

Why submit this nearly two moths before Christmas (that's not a big complaint, though).

{ 5/5 }

Mmm not bad

I not a thought that is good flash, because schedule bring, but a song good!

Happy Christmas

My mom listens to that guy :s lol, and this flash. was simply effing amazing!!! it was so cute and so cheerful and it pretty much made my day lol,
awsome job <3