Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"


just like i said i would Q ! its jordan im votin :)

nice anim! better than i could do :P


I'm feeling stressed and that brought a smile to my face :)


I'm shocked that this peice made it on front page with out being Bloody or sexual! Good Job. After a while even the song was addictive. my only complaint was the father bear's face. It was sooo long and draggy. It was just disgustong to me, other than that it was a nice film!

hmmm a bold move i'll give you that

Well it's not christmas in most places i'm sure so this is definetly a bold move. but the song was vary original and the animation was masterful but *ahem* try posting something like this at CHRISTMAS. well good job anyways.


that was amazing! the little bear was sooo cute. I liked the raccoon with the guitar the most... The song is great, and it fits perfectly your animation. that was such a nice flash... I'm gonna watch it again right now!
I put 4 for interactivity, cuz u get to sing along!
Can't wait for Christmas, thanks to you!