Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"

lol good christmas thing

lol good christmas video it was awsome...make more christmas stuff!


That was brilliant. I loved how you got the moose playin' guitar, it was just adorable. The art was great, but the animation could definitely use some work. Either way, just great. I loved the song, it made me melt inside. Ohhh... so cute!

nice one

that was very nice. it's a little bit early for christmas i think... i like to get into the X-mas spirit around the 30th of november, but this one had a very nice idea to it, very well made, good drawings, cool audio and it was quite entertaining, so it was great to get into some X-mas cheer earlier than i like to.

good work on this one and congrats on getting this one on the NG front page and winning a daily feature.


not like most stuff you see here on newgrounds lol. nice video to get into christmas, but i think u submitted it a tad bit early, just cuz christmas is in about a month. good job!

Very great!!

I love this flash so very much!
Thank you for my curing my anger problem.
Thanks you very much!!!

99 out of 5 :)!