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Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"


there must be something wrong with me. i put this on my favorites. i guess it's just the holiday spirit.


I was expecting a suprise twisted HTF style violent twist,but about a 100th of a way in,I forgot the disturbing thoughts of HTF and enjoyed it.Good Job

It was very cute

it was very cute I think, and I really got the feeling of christmas while watching it ^ ^ And I really enjoyed the song to, I would have listen to it on a cd while dressing the christmas tree ^^

good but, What ever happened to Merry Christmas?

very sweet, a great bit of holiday cheer. What happened to the days when people said Merry christmas, whats with this happy christmas stuff?

A nicely animated Christmas

That was a pretty good little cartoon you have there. Nicely animated and pretty well synced, too.