Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"

Happy, Happy Christmas! Great!

Really loved this. Everything we love about the season. Really refreshing to see something so good. Enjoyed the humour and the innocent feel. Really uplifting and left me with that warm Christmas feeling. Everything thats good and non commercial about this time of year. Thanks - a very deserved 5/5.

Again....bloody awesome

You never told me about having a christmas flash up yer sleeve =p

Bloody brilliant as always man!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Thank you for putting time and effort into this movie. I'm so tired of people throwing together a half ass movie, game, etc. and sending it. You even lip synced it which you don't see very much. That movie isn't really my style no offense, but I loved it b/c it sure is a sight for sore eyes seeing all the entries that people who haven't even tried on making have sent in. Thank you for trying 5/5.

--- A Great Christmas Song. ---

Possibly the cutest, most happiest short on all of NG. Very entertaining.

great chrismas flash with a nice song

good job man, this was a job well done . you did a great job of sinking up the music with the movie. overall it was a great falsh
good goin :D