Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"


Man dont listen to that gay fag mathlesson guy he dosent even have a flash movie out so he cant say annyhting about this.. But i myself thought this was wikid pretty funny 2 :P But great for the holiday's.

beautiful :)

that was off the hizzook

Good job.

Cute animation, and your friend did a good job with the song. Nothing to advanced when it comes to complex animating (not that it was needed), but everything was fluid and neat. The problem is that it's was aimed towards kids obviously, it isn't my kinda style really ;)
Although it's worth for what it is, an animation for children.
I'll only give it a 7 though cause I'm judging from I own personal enjoyment. Really god job though :)

Oh, about the DVD stuff. Adam Phillips wrote something about this in his blog, a program called SWF2video. I hope it's what you were looking for.

- Max


but it's a little bit to early for christmas. the music was good and the bears looked funny

christmas already??