Reviews for "The Happy Christmas Song"

This was the best flash ever

Hahahahaha that was so funny,I couldn't stop laughing.

For the love of F'in god

Ok I gave this a good score because it is a good movie, and is very welly done. I mean I have no complaint's about the film really It was done extreamly well. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF F'in God, can't we let Thanksgiving come before we start putting out Christmas stuff. I mean I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but come on this is one of the thing's I have a problem with. It's November, it's Football and Turkey Season, settle down Christmas will be here soon enough. And while I do say good job on the video and I know I have no say in what ya do, but couldn't this have wait to be released untill mabee even the day after Thanksgiving. Very good flash though.


aww, nice an innocent just as christmas should be.


*wiping the tears from my eyes* THAT WAS GREAT!

very nice song

thats a nice song. I thought it was very sweet, and calm and stuff. it really gets you in that holiday mood. good flash