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Reviews for "Tak"


it was pretty good and uh i dont think there is any law about sucking pepoles souls out so yeah tak can do it to his hearts conent.


I liked this flash, you did a good job on it. The graphics were good, Tak looked the best. The style of this flash was good too, you should make a series about these two! The voice acting was alright but I found it hard to understand Tak at most parts of the flash. I thought you used some nice humor in this also. Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!

Mephestus responds:

Much appreciated; I was planning on making a serious but daily-life (or as I call them, scheduling conflicts) keep pinning me down.

You submitted the same exact thing a while ago

And its a little big for a short movie. Sry, but if it doesnt pass the first time, it doesnt deserve to pass the next.

Mephestus responds:

I fixed various errors and off-synchronization, plus the intro and the end is a bit different. I know that it went through so fast in the portal that very few even got to see it.