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Reviews for "Tak"

Btw plot is sooo last year

I... I liked this very much. At the beginning I thought, "Hey, this is totally going to blow", but then it happened, there was simply no plot and it just ended... I think THAT was funny. The way Tak (Which means thank you in Danish), just starts up like a drunk is simply cool. Tak for this flash, tak!

very good

that was actually a pretty decent flash, what i like was the clarity of the sound since i can here everything they say but you got to make your flash longer and have a plot to it.

Nice face animations

Awwwww but I wanna suck souls out of poeple

no fair!

Its ok but...

It is a ok movie, a litle short but you say it is just a practice. But if it is just a practice and you don't think it is any good is there really any point submitting it. You get the practice either way.

Having said this, it was still very good lip syncing.

cool one

that was pretty cool... i got a real kick out of Tak.... mainly because i know a couple japanese guys with the name Tak. the animation itself was pretty good too, very nice drawings, good character ideas, nice audio, good entertainment and it was fun to watch.
i liked this one, good work.