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Reviews for "Tak"


it was pretty good and uh i dont think there is any law about sucking pepoles souls out so yeah tak can do it to his hearts conent.

cool one

that was pretty cool... i got a real kick out of Tak.... mainly because i know a couple japanese guys with the name Tak. the animation itself was pretty good too, very nice drawings, good character ideas, nice audio, good entertainment and it was fun to watch.
i liked this one, good work.


I liked this flash, you did a good job on it. The graphics were good, Tak looked the best. The style of this flash was good too, you should make a series about these two! The voice acting was alright but I found it hard to understand Tak at most parts of the flash. I thought you used some nice humor in this also. Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!

Mephestus responds:

Much appreciated; I was planning on making a serious but daily-life (or as I call them, scheduling conflicts) keep pinning me down.

You submitted the same exact thing a while ago

And its a little big for a short movie. Sry, but if it doesnt pass the first time, it doesnt deserve to pass the next.

Mephestus responds:

I fixed various errors and off-synchronization, plus the intro and the end is a bit different. I know that it went through so fast in the portal that very few even got to see it.

Its ok but...

It is a ok movie, a litle short but you say it is just a practice. But if it is just a practice and you don't think it is any good is there really any point submitting it. You get the practice either way.

Having said this, it was still very good lip syncing.