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Reviews for "S34s0nZ Gr33t1nGZ!"


clock crew rule..


wtf is wrong with you people are you soooo obsessed with the media that even when somthing isnt that bad you go insulting it like it is the worste thing ever?just because one person does somthing and another and another and yet more people do somthing it doesnt mean it is right it means it is controlled with the media GET YOUR OWN FUCKIN OPINION CLOCK CREW FUCKIN RULES


Wow! another SH!T clok animation! Cloks suk, and they always will suk so stop trying 2 make them good coz U wont succeed. PS: Join the anti clok crew allience (see previous revew)

Loved the music

How did you do that? The music was brilliant!

Apart from that though, it was nothing special.


I'll miss you PineappleClock... we all will :(