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Reviews for "S34s0nZ Gr33t1nGZ!"


This is the worst movie i have ever seen. I think that says enough. Clocks suck.

this SUCKS

oh god this doesnt even deserve a zero, thats a complement for this shit. The clock crew makes me so fuckin angry, and i only come on to see what filth lays in the "Clock Crew" collection because i al almost dead from bordem. and if any of you made decent flash movies, or funny ones, other people would rate them better than a fuckin 2. Yes, i do think that you fuckin morons go on and rate yourselves and make NG gold screen names to make yourselves look good. And i bet that all of the clock crew members are just strawberry clock, and who ever strawberry is, he/she must be a very sick person who is in desperate need of a life.

i luaghed, i cried, i voted 5

that's the best song ever....i love the clock crew!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Nice Movie!

Your one of the coolest clocks! I dont have much to say, I mainly wanted to get the last asshole review off and a far more fitting one on. So great job!

I was deeply touched.

After viewing all of strawberries works and then coming here, i realized it's true.
I've lost my fear of the unknown.

for the TimeBeing