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Reviews for "S34s0nZ Gr33t1nGZ!"


Well, the audio was really fucked up for some reason, but I luv teh clocks and they wished me a happy winter so that's why I liek them.

Clocks are 1337

That's some weird music there.

I liked it,I dunno why but it was pretty cool,I'm thinking of doing
a clock submisson.It doesn't have to do with you guys or Strawberry clock though...you'll see when it's done,look for
Clock Clock


that was a lovely warm hearted flash!!
kudis to you!

People have met SBC ...

... he was even on cc.net and SBC is really coolboyman btw so he is a boy.anyway it was ok

SBC is King of teh Portal!!!

there is no other, he rules and that is that,

1 thing, no one eva met SBC, it could be a she??