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Reviews for "S34s0nZ Gr33t1nGZ!"


love the talk it/shit talker voice singing ;)
all hail the clock crew..

Damn internal conflict

I was about to call this a pile of self rightous crap until that last message, Now it'd just be mean. Oh well more self rightous crap from the clocks, Roll on new year :)

Such a warm and fuzzy feeling LOL

Ok people, even the few who love the clocks are slow to catch on that the clock crew AVOIDS FLAMING. It's the funniest part of the clock crew that they are going out of their way to be nice to those who trash them... so here they are having drinks with the snack clocks and meat clocks and new clocks.
it's a good flash EXCEPT THAT SONG!!! AAARRRRRRGGGGG >banging head on keyboard< you ruined it with voice of that song

Serious drug abuse while making this movie

It wasn't funny, it wasn't interesting, it was just a waste of time


Interesting, but not funny, and it didn't make a lot of sense either.