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Reviews for "BotArena2"

Nice game great concept

This is a game with good concept...different arenas and oppnents...some levels r quite tough but it is kind of fun tho...Looking forward to more games same as this

HEres some help

Okay every 1 has been saying lvl 9 is gay but its actually not that bad get the following; 3 bots: all bot have the xeroi chassi the trilicon plating; 2 bots should have the darsik machine gun(the one the knight uses) and the last bot just give it what ever, if you cant give it anything just leave it there for a distraction; now i cant beat lvl 10 its a total %&^!. heres the ultamite thing to do though save before the fight ad if you loose just click x and close the game reopen it and reload the campain you will still have your money and you can do it again somtimes the outcomes are diffrent. now help me with lvl 10!!!

Great game!

First of all,to the person before me:

You first need to make a team of bots.
Start over again with the game and make 2 bots.
Then you can win the first match.
Also... read the instructions (long read,but its worth it)

Now to the creator of the game:

This game is great,i like the style very much and the upgrade system makes it worth playing over and over again.
I hope there is going to be a follow-up to this game.

Good job!


wot a great game. truly a masterpiece. Theres not many ways that you can improve, except make weight restrictions a bit easier to go by, because i get my bots ready and theyve got 105 armor :(

overall , excellent game


I hate to spam the reviews. You did a good job on the game. I just can't help but to say that 9 is impossible. Could anyone give me a hint as to the combination? I've tried 4 and it just isn't going well.