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Reviews for "BotArena2"

very nice

== Graphics - 9 ==

i gave the graphics a 9 due to the simplicity yet effectiveness of the robots, and detailed backgrounds.

== Style - 10 ==

it's a great design, and is executed well, so a perfect 10 for style.

== Sound - 4 ==

I used my own music, so i only listened to the gunshots etc, they were good, so of what i heard, good job, 4 (would be more, probably if i'd listened to the music).

== Violence - 3 ==

no blood/nuts/bolts but then, it's robots fighting, so theres still some kind of violence, 3/10.

== Interactivity - 5 ==

i liked building my own robots, but an option to be able to control 1/all of your robots would be good.

== Humour - 0 ==

meh. could've at least added an UB4R PEN1Z $L4PAR to slap the other robots.. nah just kidding, that would of ruined it, no humour was needed for this. :)

== Overall - 9 ==

a very good game, i thoroughly enjoyed it, and while i played some time ago, and the game kept crashing, i was miffed. But, I just came back to it and finished it. :D

== Level 10 ==

I won't detail level 9 as this is covered further back in the reviews, but for level 10, use this setup:

Bot 1:
Chassis: Xeroi "CLR-2100"
Plating: Trilicon "SCORP-R12"
Weapon: Circes "XT"

Bot 2:
Chassis: Xeroi "CLR-2100"
Plating: Overwatch "Z"
Weapon: Circes "XT"

Bot 3:
Chassis: Khacor "SMARTMOVE"
Plating: Trilicon "SCORP-R12"
Weapon: None (this is a distraction robot, which proves very effective)

It may take a few tries, but that should win the last level for you, after a few tries. i advise you save before trying the last level (while you have 40,000+ cash) and if you lose, then re-open the window, load your slot and try again.

Truly amazing!

*First, for the author: If you think this post is too long, read at least the final suggestion*
This game is incredible! It was by far my favorite game on the internet. I played it a month ago, and I'm just back to write a review, cuz it deserves!
First of all, I was always a fan of managing games, but that's the first I see which involves a fight! So, for me, building a team of robots, managing it to fit into the category, with the best combination, is damn fun(10/10 style! We are able to modify many aspects of your bots, and you have all you need into the menu,10/10 interactivity for that. The graphics of the chips were amazing, but the battlefield is kinda... how can I say... it just doesn't look like an arena for me. That's why you got a 9/10 in graph. Battle sounds are pretty good for me, but as I remember, the music gets a bit annoying over time(9/10). The battle is also pretty intense (10/10 for vioence), but even being good, the bots AI should be improved a lil bit.
The game is also well balanced. I tested different teams in different categories. You always get the right equipment at the time you need it, and when you deserves it.
*Final sugestion: If you are going to make a sequel, improve a bit into the bots AI. But I think the better recommendation would be to open some category to put a strategy for each bot you build. I would like to see my short range bots rushing(with pistols for example), to get close to the long range ones, whose can't shot close. Or for the healers, to avoid combat. And also, for the entire team, to surround the strongest bots, cuz that's the better strategy to destroy a single bot you want to.
I swear I tryied to make as shot as I could , but this games really deserves a long review!


I LOVE THIS GAME, theres only one thing, not enough items and kinda long yea... otherwise, FLAWLESS, o and add more music

Cool, challenging and slightly anoing

its a fun game to play and is slightly addictive at first but it gets kinda boring after level 6ish because u need 2 keep playing the same lvls over and over 2 get enough cash.
also lvl 9 is rly hard and needs rettrys even with the best combos and lvl 10 is simply 2 easy.

but all in all a fun game to play so i will also hope there will be a part 3 someday

This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

One of my favs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!