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Reviews for "BotArena2"


very cool robot game but i didn't finished it because my save file was gone every time:(

good game but needs some improvements

this game is too easy and not that interactive becuase you cant tell your bots to atack just one instead they run away from each other and its a pain the 2nd last level took almost 10 min (along battle if you ask me)and the game dosent have enough levels, weapons, pl8ing and bots bases (first part of a bot) also if you made it a multi player (online) and with more weapons ect. it would be the most popular game on newgrounds in my opion also make a number 3 this game was really good it took me almost a week to beat it

cool..i guess

this is an addicting game, but easy..

woot, great game but...

totally addicted, not too thrilled about the ai situation cuz its not very intelligent for artificial intelligence. The first time i played thru, mozilla had to close on me, stupid me didnt save, bad on me. Now that i've saved i cant get more than 2 battles in w/o it closing down. Thats bad on you. rocking game cool music lots of bot killing and customization but ai blows and so does the shutting down, otherwise u would have a 10


well I was playing it and I was in the brink of winning then it said Error"the script in this page had an error" something like that. well I saved it, AND IT DOESNT LOAD?!?!?!?!? the hell with this