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Reviews for "BotArena2"

Huh? Where's the remote?

The Game was great, but yer hardly in control...
Players should be allowed to use the Robots.
Yarr! ^>^


it is good but you are hardly in control

allow people to play using the robots


I thought it was a great game. only problem I had was I would get to a certain point and it would freeze on me...but it was still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Dead end builds

Here's what I didn't like. I had to constantly start over if I ended up in a dead-end tech tree. I'd be too heavy, and then not enough cash to really compete so I'd have to sell off what I had just to get a basic bot to lose in the $0 entry fee arena.

Other than that, it's pretty cool. I wasn't sure at first, but it's kind of neat to just watch them duke it out, it allows you some time to root for your guys.


Its a good game liked it alot but there were a few problems.

First, the AI's arn't too good. The keep switching between very smart and very stupid. Some games I do great with it other times it takes forever to get past the 3rd battle.

Second, I would have liked to play one of the bots myself so I could actually have fun more then just putting the pieces together.

Third, your save never worked. When I came back I couldn't load my game.

Last, it kept closing my browser when I play it. While I play every once in a while a thing poped up that said there was an error and I needed to close so that was frustrating.

Other then that it was a great game I liked it.