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Reviews for "BotArena2"

awesome game

as stated above awesome game. but i have to ask what is mushgard smokeing bot arena 3 is waaaaaayyyy ezer then # 2


I made it all!!! but when i made it all, i had nothing to do...
but you have fixed that on botarena3...
but botarena3 is to hard, so im not gonna play it...


Great game but I had a major problem with it every time that I did the final fight my -robots that are abought as smart as a rotten bannana- would always go way away from my opponents bots then come back giving them a major chance to beat me andother times I would have 2 bots with a good amount of health both of them would go towards messia then 1 bot would go away so that messia could easily wipe out one of my bots then the other 1 would come back just in time to get destoyed by messia and each and every time this happened I could have won the fight if my bots would have stayed together and blasted messia together -which by the way messia had like halve health at this time-instead I lost each time beacause my other bot ran away while staying in messia's fireing range. Other than the final fight the game was really enjoyable.

very good

i enjoy this sort of game alot so well done

It was....Ok.

I thought it was Ok. It bugged me that it didnt have anything to do with skill, just with having the right things.