Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"

This is art

Starting off with a seemingly innocent menu screen, reflecting the naivety of most of us in that we feel a sense of false security about our world, the bubble ventures into the factory doorway.

**Spoiler Alert**

Onward it travels, drifting upon a conveyer belt being loaded with a single glowing sphere supported by a small base. It is all too soon that the bubble realizes that those innocent glowing spheres are uranium.

Or does it really realize it? Does it just travel on ignorant of the fact that it is in a factory designed to create apocalyptic means?

In the end, as the missile makes its fuel-propelled ascent, you know that this is probably a nuclear missile, perhaps the first launch, that will contribute to the end of the world.

The bubble might or might not realize it.

It almost seems an insignificant effort to try to save a mere soap bubble from being popped by the wake of the launch, but you can't stop. If there is one good thing that will come out of this day -- which is quite possibly the worst day in human history on earth -- it will be that you save this fucking bubble!!! At least you have some small part in depleting the evil that will soon leave its mark on this day.


I thought this was a very original concept. I loved the atmosphere created inside the factory and how all the pieces come together at the end.

one of the hardest games i ever beat

also one of the most innovative. who woulda thunk to put a storyline like that in a game like this? one of the best entries I've ever seen on Newgrounds.... I give it a 5, but if it were out of 10, it would be a 10

This is the best action game I've ever played!

This game has extraordinary details! On the 1st lvl there is a plaque on the wall 'peenemunde landkreis ostes pommern' - peenemunde is a small village in Germany on the coast where V2 rockets were built. There's also a plaque saying '21:00 Uhr 21.07.43 Mi (Mittwoch) - which means 9:00 pm, 21st of july 1943, Wednesday. I've checked it and this day was Wednesday! Also 'F- Gerat' means 'F-equipment'. There are more plaques with writings but I don't understand them. I like this game very much and I went through it 10 to 12 times. I'm waiting for 3rd edition!


This is a great puzzle game which really tests your reflexes. Awesome!