Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"

Pretty awesome

I thought it was pretty good, though I quit after I got to the part where I'm in the water with the spinning turbine(I thought I had the code apparently not though......could someone pm the code to that, it's the second room in the water). Apart from the text font being a little deceiving, awesome game!

I like

It's been a long time since I found this kind of maze game that was both good AND challenging. I don't see why I should write a long review about this because all there is to say is: pro work, awesome game. (I never knew a soap bubble could be so cool to play with ;))

One small thing: I died (err...exploded?) in the level where you're in the tank with liquid in it, and where you got to go past a ventilator. When I tried to go back to the level with the code, it said that it was invalid. I rechecked it by playing the game through to that point again, and the code matched the one I tried to use. I also gave up the game there because I just can't get past that level! ^^

For the rest, I really hope you'll make soap bubble III.


Yo mat, I understand what you going through. I made it there also with the underwater fan yea the code doesnt work

struma responds:

The first letter is acctually a Q not an O, making the code: QLFX

Hope that helps. And yeah, I agree, the font has it's bad moments.

Too short

This was excellent! It had a kind of sporadic learning curve, some early levels were strangely hard, while some later levels were ridiculously easy. The third level in particular was especially hard, but I finished the game in under an hour so I am pretty proud of myself considering how much trouble so many other people had.

Also I love the overall background theme that is so sinister and suspenseful, here you have this innocent bubble which is really only concerned with getting back to its freinds and is completely unaware and unconcerned with the larger implications of what is going on.

A couple of reviewers seem to have thought that it is the beginning of some nuclear conflict, but judging by the run-down state of the factory, it has apparently been functioning for some time without human supervision. I bet the armageddon was ages ago and it never received instructions to stop working.

my only problem with it is...

You can't beat the last screen, can you? I've tried everything and I got to the very end without even dying once only to die over and over and over. Is it something I'm doing wrong or is it intenionally not beatable? Otherwise an amazing game and I hope one day maybe we will see a soap bubble 3 or 4. A great game that defiently needs to be revisited, I love it. Keep up the great work.

struma responds:

Sure you can. When the exhaust halo is almost engulfing you, you are there. Just keep trying.

one of the best and most undermined games here

i loved this game, it had a good story and i felt like i was that bubble i was curious to find out what was being made in that factory as well. the graphics are awesome and the sounds were mystical. you should make another one like this and make the story twice as interesting as it already was you could probly make front page with the next soap bubble and get this awesome game recognized on newgrounds as well as more reviews for your previous soap bubble and more ppl to actually play this game. i happened to find it by looking carefully so its well hidden, you need to expose this game and youll get more recognition it really really is a great game you should really make another dude