Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"


It took me and my friend two days to complete, but it was totally worth it! I'm looking forward to a Soap Bubble III :3

Well built

I really liked this game. It was very challenging. Sometimes it was challenging to the brink of frustrating, such as the very last level involving water and the intake fan, but it was a great game overall. Awesome graphics, great style, and a fun concept.

I look forward to seeing more games like this one. Good job!

hah nice ending

thus with a raoring orckety hot on its tail, the small saop buble lived to drift another day. Cute :). it was pretty good nice ending.


lol i suck at this game the controls are hard u should try to make a version of it that uses the mouse insted of the keybord but it was very good i like the theme, style, and presentation of it very nice


Great but

I reached the fan in the water level but I wanted to take a break, so I noted down the code (OLFX). But when I entered it in the "enter code" line, it said that the code wasan't valid.....

By the way, you should change the font used for the codes :)

struma responds:

It's QLFX.

And yeah, I know.