Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"

one of the best and most undermined games here

i loved this game, it had a good story and i felt like i was that bubble i was curious to find out what was being made in that factory as well. the graphics are awesome and the sounds were mystical. you should make another one like this and make the story twice as interesting as it already was you could probly make front page with the next soap bubble and get this awesome game recognized on newgrounds as well as more reviews for your previous soap bubble and more ppl to actually play this game. i happened to find it by looking carefully so its well hidden, you need to expose this game and youll get more recognition it really really is a great game you should really make another dude


Finally I beat it my god that is hard at some parts lol good game, nice work mate


This game graphics are amazingly simple, and good, scary atmosphere, music and sounds make this, the most chalenging game i ever played.

The problem is the difficult, some parts it's almost impossible because you must pass tiny holes, like the claw on the junkyard part (where they discard an empty rocket), other parts are really easy, like when the fuel tank is being installed (after the vent part), i'm on the second water level and i can't beat, but you keep trying because you want to see the next level, the next and the next.

Is this and German V2 rocket facility? The machines and the rockets appear to be.

amazing game

this is prolly one of the best games around here, yeah i actually mean this. i think the rotating rocket cap is too hard to get through. i take the story is dark, like this is a production facility for devices of mass destruction? i wish i could get past the stupid rotating room.

grafix are perfect, and the overall athmosphere is fantastic. this is a very rare 9 from me. this bubble game and submachine is hardcore.

great game

better than the first, i would say. and i praised the ambient music, pretty scary. fits the mood of the atmosphere.

anyways i hope you make at least one more. xD