Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"

Great game...

..I just happen to be rubbish at it. It is hard, but I think that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm still stuck on the third screen.
The graphics were great, really stylish, the whole thing had a great atmosphere.


this game is freaken hard! bu its a good game.


but too hard

it has potential to be relaxing.


nice work. Liked the story line, vibe, and idea. Very original thinking. The game is challanging as hell. I got frustrated at a few spots and was like "FUCK THIS ITS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE" but i eventually got thru it. The only thing I think you could improve upon is the level code thing. Its kind of annoying having to type the code back in everytime you die. Its a very challanging game so I had to restart a few times and accidentally hit start trying to rush back to the game. It would have been better to just get right back into the game by pressing continue after I died. I also didnt like how your bubble kept the velocity it had from the last level. A few times when i got to the end id be moving so fast id crash right into a wall when i got to the next stage. But overall id say it was an excellent game.

one of the best and most undermined games here

i loved this game, it had a good story and i felt like i was that bubble i was curious to find out what was being made in that factory as well. the graphics are awesome and the sounds were mystical. you should make another one like this and make the story twice as interesting as it already was you could probly make front page with the next soap bubble and get this awesome game recognized on newgrounds as well as more reviews for your previous soap bubble and more ppl to actually play this game. i happened to find it by looking carefully so its well hidden, you need to expose this game and youll get more recognition it really really is a great game you should really make another dude