Reviews for "Soap Bubble II"


it's reaaly great, but really too hard :( (maybe i'm really a bad player XD)
very cool ^^

Nice game

Great style and graphics, but the game was too difficult for me, especially in more advance levels. I think a good idea will be to make difficulty levels and slow down these machines in "easy level".

what does that mean

well what does this mean haupstufe ist gegeben schl├╝ssel steht auf scheissen
i found it right after the water scene. i tried to translate it but it wouldnt work.
by the way great game i just loved it. good storyline. a german missle silo thats just funny.

well executed

great idea from the start
there's even a decent progression through the game as you advance (it gets harder, and there's a "story" along with it... a rare thing for this kind of game)
the atmosphere was great, right mix of difficulty, without getting so mad you want to kill your computer
controls worked well, to those who complain, you need sensitivity, light progressive taps will adjust your speed according to how you want/need it
nice variety of levels... etc etc
definately part3 would be welcome

Good, but...

I thought the game looked awesome. And I really wanted to get into. However, it was just too frustrating and difficult for me. If you had added an option to control using the mouse instead of the keyboard, I would have found it very fun. I can't stand playing this type of game with the keyboard, because there's no control over speed. If you want to move left just a teeny bit, push left. If you want to move left really quickly... push left. And it angers me to no end when I only want to make a minor adjustment and the bubble goes too far and smacks into something. :( I really wanted to love it, but it was too frustrating to get any enjoyment out of.