Reviews for "HP: Victoria's Secret 1"


The beginning was a little bland, but the ending was hysterical! 4

Sound quality is lame.

That's my only major complaint.
Loved the Spaceballs quoting.
The Potter Puppet Pals spoofing was also quite funny.
Can't wait to watch the second part to this.

good grahics, work on audio

Your skills with graphics are good. I heard a lot of distortion in the audio. Be careful about your mixer settings when recording. If you find that your audio isn't as loud as you'd like it to be try normalizing it with a compressor. This will amplify the sound and smooth out the peaks without distorting things (if the parameters are set properly).

Good job overall though.

Another Pale Classic!

Well done! It was worth the wait! You nailed it again!


Gotta love the space balls reference.