Reviews for "HP: Victoria's Secret 1"

Best i've ever seen.......

Great job,hope to see much,much more....


Very well done. you had me laughing all the way through this movie.


Well, I do say that the Spaceballs reference didn't hit me at first, but I soon saw it and laughed out loud (drawing stares from my family members). I also like your drawing style and tribute to Potter Puppet Pals.

Sound quality is lame.

That's my only major complaint.
Loved the Spaceballs quoting.
The Potter Puppet Pals spoofing was also quite funny.
Can't wait to watch the second part to this.

I knew that it was going to be Voldemort playing with his dolls. I mean, who else would be doing that? We all have fantasies like this. I was very impressed by you using the Potter Puppet Pals. Neil since made them actual puppets and has gotten more popular with them. That's how a live-action adaptation should be!

The animation here was quite nice. You created the Hagrid one. I don't think even Neil has made like that. Puppet shows are usually fun. This didn't really involve Victoria's secret.