Reviews for "HP: Victoria's Secret 1"

Didn't like it

Sorry but I just didn't think it was funny.


Spaceballs, FTW?


I realized this was inspired by spaceballs when Voldermort asked if the dude saw anthing. Which is odd cause I usually read the authors comments before watching. ._.

Other than the key words.........

Other than the key words unique to Harry Potter, this may have been word for word from the Star Trek/Star Wars parody movie Spaceballs. I think he just took the script, replaced the princess with Harry (haha Harry's a girl!), the Darth Vader spoof character (can't remember his name sorry) with Voldemort, and just copied and pasted the script onto this. Sorry, but it's true. Still fairly funny. 7/10 because it's not yours, but good resourcefulness.


so much good memories.... now to see if i can find that awsome dvd....