Reviews for "Awesome Video Games - Ep1"



You People are Hillarious!

You need to stop hating on Alice: Madness Returns, though. That game is awesome! The saving isn't that bad! The saving on the first one is WAY worse. Naw, but I'm getting off topic. I love Alice games, so OF COARSE I would yell at you for hating it a bit. I like the idea that, dispite the fact this video was made in 2006, ya'll still worship the NES. I agree, the NES is AWESOME. P.S. I think It's sad that Deacon isn't here anymore. Hope you can have him back soon! (Because then you can continue this series, not that you would, with your new series and all...) But serriously, isn't there someone that at least LOOKS like Deacon? US FANS WILL NOT LET THIS SERIES DIE! P.SS You're doing a good job, guys!

I don't understand...

I don't understand why people don't like this, it's well edited and it's hilarious! People just shouldn't take it seriously...

Tripping out

6/10 for DAD . And since you guys put in an effort on this . Kinda weird though


You guys are totally high, weird, and WAY overdramatic. The NES isn't THAT good, but 6/10 for good effort