Reviews for "Awesome Video Games - Ep1"


This is the most bizzare thing I have ever seen. I'm a fan of Nintendo and video games and everything, but this is just too wierd. Not to mention too short. I'm sure you could have fitted that mario bros review in their as well. Also, that music was terrible.


Well it was ok, but I could barely understand what they where saying.
A little to weird dudes, but fine in it self.

kindda wierd...

kindda wierd... but loved the music and topic... :D i am such a nerd!!!

oh, and loved how they were acting so stupedly...


haha, i actually remember when there was this much hype when the NES was frekking releasd XD seems so long ago! awesome work dudes, defo gonna check out the other episodes


hilarious. especially the vanilla ice poster in the back. haha. very convincing for the time frame.