Reviews for "PixEvo - Theme"

Because of this song....................

I almost choked on my doritos lol, it's that good of a song

Evil-Dog responds:

haha sorry


This has to be one of the coolest 8-bit theme's I've ever heard!
Great job :D
Also this really suits the game, well done :P


0 : 56 is epic .


Gives you a rush as you collect power orbs!
Continue to bring us masterful music and games!

8-bit jam!

I love the use of that square instrument! And I just noticed that the snare drum is the only drum in the entire track...
...was this made on famitracker?
10/10 5/5

Evil-Dog responds:

it was made in reason with 8-bit instruments
There's more than the snare, there's a bassdrum :)