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Reviews for "PixEvo - Theme"

Great sound!

Of course I had to listen to this song a lot because it took me a while to beat the game, but I really like it. Even if it's looped!

love it Evil

surprise surprise i really enjoyed this Evil. I've been meaning to ask you what type of software you used to make this song, I've been looking around at different music producer software and I wanted to try my hand at 8-bit music also lol

10/10 and 5/5 of course. See ya on POM.

poepoe29, Mod of punk-o-matic.net

Evil-Dog responds:

hey man :D I used reason 4, a couple 8bit soundfonts and my midi keyboard ;)

Because of this song....................

I almost choked on my doritos lol, it's that good of a song

Evil-Dog responds:

haha sorry


Hey, one of your biggest fans again. There just doesn't seem to be a genre that you CAN'T tackle! Ambient, metal, especially punk, and now video game. The thing is, I saw the game on the front page, but it wasn't until I logged onto your site when I decided to try this. It was a decision I do not regret. This song is what got me so excited to finish the game. A masterpiece in 8-bit music!

If you're not doing any other music for now, I wouldn't mind a remix of this: ambient, orchestral, or punk doesn't matter. I KNOW it would rock...

Evil-Dog responds:

a punk remake of this track huh...could be neat :D

I beat your game because of this song

Its true the only reason I came back to the game at all was to hear this excellent track some more. Its on such are perennially great par that I wouldn't hesitate to say that this song is better than the likes of original mario, mega man, and final fantasy tracks combined. I had to download it for personal use just to always have it. Thank you sir for your effort in this magnificent piece of music history.

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm real glad you like it but hey....the megaman soundtracks were AMAZING haha I do not get even close to them :D