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Reviews for "3:33am"

wow, that was freaking AWESOME!!!

I cranked my speakers cause I could not hear anything... BIG mistake, poor guy though :p


When I heard the scream (my comp was on full volume), I yelled, "OH SHIT!!" and spazzed out. Of course, my parents came running, and I played dumb.

ooo spooky

that was spooky

I'm an Idiot.....

The way the camera panned across the screen with the old dude looking as if he heard something made me assume that my speakers were turned down to low. So like an idiot I walked right into your little trap and turned em up. Next thing I know my heart is pounding like I just ran a marathon. Thanks I needed that. Good work. A lot of Flash cartoons lack the element of surprise.

jesus christ!!

that scared the hell out of me!