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Reviews for "3:33am"


Nice to see ya submit something for halloween :) I liked it, twas a nice little short. At first I didn't hear anything so I turned my volume up and up and up 'til I thought I heard a lil something, then that monster thing came up with that scream and scared the shit out of me lol. Anyways, goodjob.

Anymore Brackenwood comming any time soon?


I can always tell when something like this will come up, and I definately could this time. That was perfect, kudo's to you.

I enjoyed it much.


hahahaha! nice scare, good job adam. HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN!

Nice one

Wow, that scared the shit out of me...


i started watching your stuff with littlefoot and thought, "man this guy can really do suspense well, he should do some scary/horror projects." so i started wandering over to the website and watched "Taken". oh man was i excited to see that you had. please do more. i love the world of brackenwood, so dont you dare stop those projects, but on the side i would love to see more shorts like this or even a series. dont change your style of suspense and climax. you prove you dont have to be violent or gory to scare the hell outta people!