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Reviews for "3:33am"

shit !! is scary my !!!

I just wet myself. XD

great animation. BUT that was pretty cheap.


scary but it made me fall out of bed and hit my head on the radiator

Wasn't expecting a damn screamer!

Only thing that never gets me anymore are the screamers. (Because I found out I am so sick in the head, anything else than screamers I can take quite well.) Because they are cheap. You might as well have an apple appear on the screen with screaming sound and that would work.

But eh. On to actual review.

- Animation and art are both well done.

- Creepiness is there, though only the screamer.

- It's short. But then again it is a short, made apparently in 1 day. If so, that makes it even more epic.

- For a screamer it's quite well done.

So yeah, I jumped. After a second I already was "just a screamer, hmph" though.
I myself was expecting SOMETHING to be there when it zoomed back to the old man, like something behind him, but I wasn't expecting it to be a screamer jumping onto the screen all of a sudden.

Even though I can't say I "liked" it, I shall give it
4/5, 8/10
for the best screamer I have seen.

I appreciate other kinds of creepy things though, I just think it's too cheap.