Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


Pretty bad cuz the tanks shoot before you can even see them so you lose health for every little tank that comes


bad game
1.too slow turrets
2. tanks fire be4 u can see them


Omg, what is this? I wonder if the author ever played his game just once. The so-called easy maps are unplayable already. You need to lay a projectile carpet with your weapons and pray that you hit enough. You are lucky if you manage to repair your base enough to make it past the level. So many upgrades and new installations ... and you can barely buy a tower, on the cost of missing hitpoints next wave. omg ... the author should fix it. So much work on such a fail.


stinky like cheese in an old tubesock. can you make it any more impossible? why have a shield at all?

Why did you make this

seriosly why is it so hard i mean you make it sound cool and this is what it realy comes down to. -10 for fairness in the sense you can beat it and 1000000000000/1 for beig gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E{