Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


good game!!!
but this game is very head....
A tank was strong.
I will use a brain!
Next wins!!!!!


I Think You misspelled "power plant"
it says "power olant"
other than that its a game worthy of a lot of favorites

Not too bad, seen better and worse.

Nice work, but I think that the enemies fire too fast. I also realize that the map is small, but it seems like they have an unfair advantage.
Other than that it is a nice game.

this game rules

this game rules!!!!!! most defence games r the same boring lvl that keeps gettin harder and harder till you cant beat it, i like the way you can buy some upgrades that work on all the lvls in game makes some lvl alot easyer =) make another game like this dude. . . . . . 3rd best defence game ive play i think :)

keep up the great work dude

great fun

i enjoyed playing but did get a little board after a while but all in all it was good.