Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


OWNAGE!!! Such a poonage, this game is full of action, no doubt about it!

Make a sequel or sumthing lol, I enjoyed it very much.
Graphics were good, sounds.

Keep it up! :)

Rustygames responds:

he he this is in fact a sequal to Final Defense. You could check that out too if you want more ; ). Thanks for the awesome review and im glad you enjoyed it

im speechless!

your game left me speechless! i cant find the words to describe this game. its... perfect!


Rustygames responds:

your review left me speechless. Thanks :D

Good, but...

I found that it eventually got a bit repetetive and boring, especially the level where you had to survive 25 waves, even with all the time machines money could buy (yes i had full money flow). But apart from that, great game.

Rustygames responds:

Yes that level was designed to see how long you could survive while being pounded at with the best troops the opposing forces could get. Thanks for playing :D

Good game!

Well done. A really good dexence game!

Rustygames responds:

Thankyou :D

good job!

i love defence games and i think thats the best defense game of the world!^^

Rustygames responds:

I really apreciate you saying that and hearing someone enjoyed one of my games really does make it all worth while. Thanks :D