Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

Uhh... huh....

This game has an exleent mission mode and it played rater nicely.... but, and this is the reason you got a 4 overall, EVERY TIME ON FREE PLAY, if you kill someone, YOU GET FREAKIN GAME OVER. Please fix this.

Rustygames responds:

Sorry for that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It has since been fixed

Not too good...

It was pretty hard and very boring.

Rustygames responds:

Did you try playing all the different missions? Free mode can be a nice quick injection of fun if you just want a quick buzz ; )

Superb game

this game is superb the graphics are great and its style is amazing

Rustygames responds:

Thanks for the awesome review pal :D

Needs improvment

At first I likeded it, the upgrades were okay and the veriety of enimies was fine at first. but then it started to go level after level with the same enimie, I ran out of upgrades and the time just got longer and longer. I played for a hour up to twenty levels for no point.
Then I grew sleepy, if it were the graphics or the music or a combanation I just couldn't get any more excited about the game.

If this is how you planed the game you have a long way to go before it becomes a good one.

Rustygames responds:

Sorry you didnt enjoy the game. Howveer i'm glad it kept you entertained for so long. Did you try all of mission mode?

Simply Great

That was an awesome game! I loved it, but my internet had a small fluke and it closed it but MAN!!! That was simpily sectacular! I was at level 2,175,634,789,346,389,724,356 and had EVERYTHING! I even got the money upgrade and auto health 20,000 times! After all that I still had $174,669,376,967,265,276,215,732,157,515,753.00!!!! After a while my life bar just would NOT go down i had so much life from killing people it could just let them all hit me and be fine! My shield was never up, i hardly attacked, never used my nuke I was just INVISIBLE!!! I loved it! Tell me what hardware/program you used because I need to make one of those!

Fantastic! It's now on my favs!

Rustygames responds:

Ha ha thanks you're the Final Defense master ; ). The health thing is actualy a bug which I am fixing ASAP. Thanks for playing though im glad you enjoyed it