Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


A very well done version of a game that's been done a dozen times already.

very good but this type of game is gettin old

very good game but can you make one when you can play as a soldier in a platoon that would be different


on free play i kill 1 enemy soldier and i lost, how???????(missions were fun)


I tried the mission mode which was fine, but the map was kind of small and full of detail so its hard to see the bullets coming at you, kind of a downer.

Free play had a major bug: the first time you hit an enemy the game says you lose... no fun at all!

Could have been a great sequel to Final Defense which was awesome, but those problems above give it a bad bad play experience...

Please correct so we can enjoy it!

lol i just figured it out

SHEILDS GUYS USE SPACE BAR!!! when there attack is about to hit you press space for shield. lol

Rustygames responds:

he he yup. There is also a help screen on the main menu which gives you some tips ; )