Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

Mediocre game... nothing else.

and Why is this mediocre game?
well it seemed impossible to detect where the enemies come from early enough to shoot them before they got to shoot you, secondly you couldnt destroy the ammo your enemy shoots, Thridly, no major improvements to game play since the first Final defence game.

Scoring as follows.

Graphics: Same mediocre graphics, no improments = 7
Style: Same stupid system where you cant detect your enemies aproach soon enough = 5
Sounds: Music was good for this type of game and voices/other sounds werent bad either = 8
Violence: none = 0
interactivity: no major improvements to game play, so couldnt really enjoy the new upgrades = 3
humor: none = 0
overal: just a mediocre game = 5

Yet Another Defense Game

This game is fairly easy once you figure out how to survive past the barrage of incoming shots. That and the several bugs make it ridulously easy. Once you have enough for the global regenerations and money boosters (Which, by the way, don't seem to actually do anything), you're basically set for the rest of the game. After I had the health regeneration, I no longer needed to use the shield, and I could take some of the higher wave numbers without even being at the computer and my health would still be off the screen. Of course, there's the free mode bug, and one where several of the smaller enemies will get off one or more shots simply because they were killed, which is especially annoying when the enemies are the type that have prolonged shots like the randomizer beam. As for the charged weapons (Nukes, mines, and air strikes), I got to the point where I didn't bother buying them, but of the three the mines are the most useful because they will instantly kill any enemy and you can drop them straight on as if they were bombs. The air strikes are nearly completely useless because of the random angles and how dreadly slow they are. This game is nice, but it doesn't separate itself from the rest of the defense genre, and I found myself buying time to get through an entire wave rather than sit through the whole thing and shoot stuff.


good game!!!
but this game is very head....
A tank was strong.
I will use a brain!
Next wins!!!!!

It's like Dead Man's Chest

Great Sequel to a great game, but there were major problems. I got to the part of the level where two giant tanks roll on your base. With 5 turrets all pelting one, I couldn't destroy it.

The blue lazer tanks were a great idea, but the turrets bullet should go at least as fast as theirs, if not faster. They shouldn't shoot before you can see them either, that made it a little too hard to keep your health up. Killing a guy for $10 when it costs 30 to repair just one of their shots? Something is wrong.

I would have loved to see a few more wartime aspects, such as air, but I wouldn't know, I couldn't get past the first few levels!


Good game, but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard. I died in under five seconds in a level labeled "Easy"