Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


This wasn't actually all that great. I played one stage, and although it's unfair to base a game from one twentieth of its abilities, I could see that the stages would only get harder with more numerous enemies and upgraded attacks. They weren't actually changing otherwise, and so I couldn't really bear to play it for any extended amount of time.

Sorry. It's a cool idea and all, but it's almost stagnant and I think a lot of people would get bored after a very short amount of time. Really cool intro though.



This game is fun,for awhile.The fun ends when you start playing the"Hard"levels;they are not difficult,just very time consuming and monotonous.Other flaws,in my opinion at least,once you buy"Auto Health"using your shield becomes unnecessary(frees your hand from the keyboard to be sure).Overall it aspired to grand ambitions,yet fell flat.

Dude too easy

Dude too easy make it more challenging

Fun game, but a bit buggy

I found the game to be far too easy.

Once you get the health regeneration bonus outside of the level you can get enormous amounts of health (bug???) and you don't even need to use your shields anymore. The shield boosts, nuke, airstrike, mines all quickly become useless.

After a few money production boosts you can make enormous amounts of money that make every one of the levels too easy.

Things got kind of silly after about 1,000 money production boosts. I was making over 1,000,000 for each missile titan I destroyed.

I just had to destroy one tank and then buy a million time boosts to get through all of the waves.

I quit after I reached about 5,000 money production boosts with a highscore of about 20,000,000, which got erased for some reason. Took me about 2 hours to get to that point, but I could have easily gotten billions if I hadn't gotten bored of clicking the money production boost button hundreds of times (not to mention the time boosts to get through all of the waves as quickly as possible...).

I was kind of disappointed that nothing special happened after I beat all of the levels.

too easy

Once you start increasing cash flow the game gets really easy. By the time I got bored I was getting $110,110 for killing a single soilder. And the high score board wont go over $2,147,483,647.