Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


just like the previous game of the same name, its full of bug, you should go back and check your code, and the most important thing, you should test your game, testing is very important

good game on target

good game, well set out and riddled with annoying little sh*ts of glitches
the place in the btm rite corner glitches and makes u lose 4 no reason
i lkie the idea of the ppl explodin wen shot
needs more varity of bulidings like an auto turret, a buliding that spews a shower of shots in a random direction every 5 secs idk

Not bad, but the first Final Defense was better.

I prefered the first game because this one is full of glitches. I'll list the ones I found:

- Shooting a truck that is deploying soldiers doesn't allow you to destroy it.
- Getting the Auto-Repair function allows you to have more health than your bar allows. My health bar went across the screen.
- The mission on Scoth DC is bugged. It says I have to protect the city for 25 waves. I went a lot far from 25 waves and it didn't end. I felt like I was playing the first Final Defense because of its neverending feature.
- Enemy bullets that you bounce back against them with the red shield doesn't cause damage to them (soldiers wouldn't die with their own shots, rockers and lasers, as an example).
- In the Upgrade screen you get between each wave, you can still set mines and launch Airstrikes and Nuclear Bombs. Also, you can still use the pause function in the Upgrade menu.
- The help in this game is very lame. People who didn't play the first Final Defense will be totally lost in this game.

Nice job anyway.

Great work!

One problem though. I used to play your previous releases, and why is it that I can't seem to earn ANY money in free mission??? o_O? Do I have to unlock something? I earn money just fine on the missions, but free play. Nothing??? Is it a glitch? or was it intended?

Right, maybe I'm being a little dense here....

How the hell do you play this game? I went on the "Help" section and it just told you what everything meant, not what you should be doing. What are the controls? Apart from point and shoot that's all I could work out. maybe i'm missing something really obvious, but I just couldn't figure it out.